I was told by my mother that I came into this world early in the morning on a Resurrection Day Sunday by way of a footling breach birth. That is, my head was upward in my mother’s womb and my feet were down instead of the other way around.

She said I was standing up when I entered this world with one foot exiting first – leaving her and her attending doctor anxiously and impatiently waiting for me to move my other foot down and out. I found this kind of delivery to be rare and extremely interesting. I also later discovered that there are some old wives tales and superstitions surrounding people who are born this way. I don’t believe in coincidences, wives tales or superstitions. However, I do believe everything and everyone has a specific purpose and meaning for their existence – and it is all according to the divine will and ultimate plan of sovereign, almighty God.

Every child has a specific purpose for being born. Every mother (and father) has an immense responsibility to love that child, to teach that child, to nurture that child and discover brand new every day – that child. In love, be patient with them, see them, hear them, correct them and speak blessings over them – and one day you will discover what special, specific purpose and unique meaning God has given the world through you…

God has marked, anointed and is raising up a remnant of youth in these latter days. A remnant of strong, powerful and fearless witnesses who love Jesus Christ and who will stand against the apostasy that is to come and that is present in the world – even today.

The Lord said to me: “Pray for the children.” I say to you: “There is nothing greater you can do in this life than to believe on, trust in and live for Jesus Christ. Then, pray, earnestly and continuously, for your child.”


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