As far back as I can remember, I have loved and appreciated the art and the gift of literary expression. Since a child, I have found pleasure in writing stories, poetry, essays and any excuse I could find to express myself. However, my writing changed in the fall of 2001. On the eve of what was to become the most painful period of my life, I heard the audible voice of God for the first time and supernaturally I began to receive inspirational, Holy Spirit-inspired psalms and poems from the Lord…

These literary ‘gifts’ would come to me when I least expected them so I tried to keep a pen and paper handy in my purse, by my bed, in the car or anywhere else I thought the Lord would speak to me.

As the stormy winds of life blew in hard and cold, these beautiful gifts spoke peace into my life as they comforted me and ministered to me through it all. As the psalms and poems continued to come, my husband often urged me to consider sharing them for ministry purposes. However, at the time, the idea of sharing my writings felt as if I was allowing the world to enter into my bedroom. It was too soon and too invasive. These psalms and poems spoke to me concerning details of my life that were deeply personal and so I hid them away on the top shelf of my bedroom closet for safe keeping.

In 2012, however, the Lord changed my heart. During a time of grief and family loss, I shared one of my poems with a loved one and was surprised to see it minister to them as much as it had ministered to me. My husband was right. So, I began the process of designing and publishing my work. However, my efforts were often frustrated by the distractions of life and the ploys of the enemy so, once again, I tucked them away on the top shelf of my bedroom closet for another time.

The Lord continued to nudge me over the years and I continued to allow life to distract me. However, in the summer of 2016, the Lord spoke to me yet again urging me to focus on my writing. This time, He reminded me of the gift He had given me and the ministry it was given for.

Not long after this, the Lord woke me from sleep one night with an idea for my poetry: What He showed me was a collection of ministering Gift Books. Each ‘gift book’ was to be beautifully illustrated ‘and devoted to one poem/psalm of my choosing with its theme carried throughout. It would be a short read and include theme-related vignettes. Each book would also include journals for the reader to record their thoughts, prayers and reflections. “What a perfect idea,” I thought. One worthy of each and every one of those divinely-inspired psalms and poems. Upon waking, I immediately began the work the Lord had given me. This time, with a commitment to continue to completion…

I am very pleased to announce that my poetic work is finished!

Introducing AUTHOR OF LIFE POETIC INSPIRATIONS: A DIVINELY INSPIRED POEM & PSALM COLLECTION. This beautiful collection of seventeen inspirational ‘gift books‘ uniquely presents this original, poetic work. Each poem and psalm book is a literary work of art that imparts to the hearer of the word heart-warming messages of Life that are guaranteed to bring a tear to your eye and a smile to your face.

Through this gift of poetic expression, spirits will be uplifted and souls will be inspired. This unique compilation of artistic prose is a timeless keepsake. They are written to be loved, passed on to others and treasured always. Each tome makes an extraordinary gift to give yourself as well as an exceptionally thoughtful gift to present to others. And they are available now at Barnes & Noble and Amazon!

Take a few moments to walk through the descriptions of all seventeen titles of this collection and choose one (or two) that speak to you personally. There is sure to be a life situation that is near and dear to your heart…

It is for God’s good pleasure that His children utilize their gifts, talents and abilities to loudly proclaim His sovereignty. For all Believers are commissioned to bear witness to the hope and saving grace that we have in Jesus Christ.

My commission was assigned for all will be told,

Of the silver-tongued message through silence of gold:

“Cry out in the wilderness with a voice that’s not heard!

Speak boldly of Christ though you won’t say a word.”




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