Prophets are called to not just deliver God’s messages. Very often, they are called to live out, in their personal lives, those very same messages. It is not uncommon for a prophet of God to experience twists, turns, upsets and upheaval in their natural lives that reflect and directly correlate with the divine messages they have been given to deliver.

It was very common for the prophets of old to enact, real time, the prophetic word that was given to them for the people of Israel. Jonah’s hellish experience of three days and three nights spent in the belly of a great fish directly correlates with Jesus’ three days and three nights in “the heart of the earth.” The prophet Hosea was commanded by God to marry a prostitute to imply God’s grievance with the people of Israel as they were engaging in an adulterous relationship with the Lord. And there are many more references in the Bible just like these.

It appears that God requires these up-front and personal encounters so that the prophet can better impart a more effective, passionate and heart-felt prophetic word. The end result is a heart-felt message that can only come from the perspective of one who can relate through their first-hand experiences. As unusual as this may seem, no one can deny this biblical fact as it is seen throughout the accounts of many of the prophets of old.

As a prophet, I can personally attest to this fact and find this supernatural phenomenon to be an unpleasant, but apparently necessary, ‘perk’ that comes along with the prophetic territory.

I share some of my ‘perkish’ experiences and others in a book I am currently writing and planning to release early this Winter entitled Chronicles Of A Seer Prophet.

If there are other prophets and seer prophets out there who have had experiences such as these, I’d love to hear from you.


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