Child of God, consider this scenario…

Someone you know becomes a new follower of Jesus Christ. Not long after committing their life to the Lord, they see you out somewhere. They approach you and this is what they say: “I recently gave my life to Jesus. I wish I had known about the goodness of God years ago. It would have saved me, as well as so many others in my life, a lot of heartache, pain and sin that we all now have to account for. I have known you for quite a while and didn’t know that you were a Christian. Why didn’t you tell me about Jesus?”

Worse yet, what if this same person died in sin and you realized, much too late, that you could have made a difference in their life if you had only taken the time or the opportunity to tell them about Jesus?

Yes. YOU could have made the difference.

Do you think the Lord holds us, who are recipients of God’s grace and mercy, accountable for sharing this gift with others? Yes, He does.

Many Christians live their lives in silence choosing not to openly talk about Jesus. Neither are there many Christian willing and ready to share their testimonies about all God has done for them. Instead, they allow the ‘spirit of fear’ to close their mouths and keep them from saying anything that might cause them to be uncomfortable, ridiculed or even ostracized from family members, friends and others they know.

Here the test. If you knew God holds you responsible for not sharing the reason for the Hope that is in you, what would you do differently?

As a Christian, you are required to share your faith (the Gospel of Jesus Christ) with everyone you know. This includes family members, friends, neighbors, coworkers and others God has placed in your path? If you allow the ‘spirit of fear’ to close your mouth, the blood of these people could very well be on your hands.

Child of God, you are crucial to God’s plan here on this Earth. You play a very important part in the destruction of Satan as well as the salvation of others. The Bible tells us that we (Christians) have conquered Satan by the blood of the Lamb (Jesus Christ) and by the word of our testimony. This means God will hold you accountable for not doing your part. Jesus has given all of His followers the responsibility and the privilege to take part in the Great Commission which instructs His disciples (you and I) to go out and make other disciples of all the nations. We are to do this through ministry, evangelism and baptism. This is impossible to achieve with a closed mouth.

Beloved, we are not saved simply so that we can avoid Hell and go to Heaven. If this were so, God would take us Home immediately upon receiving Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior. We are saved, empowered by the authority of Jesus Christ then filled with the Holy Spirit, not for the fun of it, but because we have a job to do. That job consists of playing a part in the saving of others. This starts with the sharing of your testimony of God’s goodness.

No, you are not responsible for saving anyone. Only God can do that. Some of us are assigned to plant the seed while others are assigned to water that plant. Only God can cause the growth. He calls those who will come to Him and the decision to receive that call lies solely with those people. However, you play an active role in God’s sovereign plan to usher in His Kingdom that is to come. Be not passive in your walk with Jesus. It should be an honor – not a burden – to share Him with others. If you love God’s people – and as a Christian you should – love them enough to want them saved. Love them enough to give them the only One who can make that possible. Jesus.

Fear is a demonic stronghold and it is a spirit that falls under the rule of Satan. Do not let it control you. Fear will convince you that the thoughts and words of the people in this world are more important than the call God has on your life. Be encouraged, for “greater is He who is in you than he who is in this world.”

Well, now that you know, what are you going to do differently?


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