Child of God, time is winding down…

Whether referencing Jesus’ return to this world or your departure to His, the following words should be on your mind more now than ever before: “No man knows the day nor the hour.”

Death is not a respecter of person. Nor does it care about your age. Young or old, the breath you are breathing this very moment could very well be your last. Don’t fall for the lie that has sent many to Hell. I am speaking of the lie that tells you that once you have given your life to Jesus Christ, regardless of what you do, you are saved from eternal damnation forever. This walk is a daily walk. Your disobedience can cause you to lose your salvation at any moment. Do not remain in your sin. It is separating you from God. God is Holy and He demands that you strive to also be Holy. He cannot accept you any other way. The relationship we have with God is based on His high and Holy criteria, not ours. Do not think that you can cheapen Him by trying to pull Him down to your level. If you have convinced yourself that you can, you are deceived.

It is time for all prodigal sons and daughters to make their way back home. Repent of your rebellion. Repent of your sin. Return into the loving, caring, protective and forgiving arms of your Heavenly Father.

Sometimes, we need a helping hand from someone who truly cares. If this is you and you would like someone to talk to you and pray with you concerning this, contact me and I will reach out to you.

This message is for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear.


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