Child of God, change IS coming… If you’re not already seeing this phenomenon taking place in your life, know that it is right around the corner and headed straight for you. As it happens, don’t be alarmed or think it unusual for God is transitioning His people in these final days for His purpose.

Why now, you may ask? The answer is simple. The harvest is plenty, time is winding down and there is much work to do before the imminent return of Jesus Christ our Lord. Therefore God is positioning and repositioning His people like players on a chessboard. He is moving some and relocating others. He is reviving what was dead and destroying what was thought indestructible. He is opening and closing doors. He is removing the old from your life and introducing the new. He is planting and uprooting. He is growing and birthing. In all of this, He will shake everything and everyone that can be shaken. Those who are not standing on the strong foundation of Jesus Christ will surely fall

As uncomfortable as these changes may be, I encourage you to rejoice in it for this is a divine move of God! Are you ready? If not, make haste for no man knows the day nor the hour…


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