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Introducing AUTHOR OF LIFE POETIC INSPIRATIONS: A DIVINELY INSPIRED POEM & PSALM COLLECTION. This unique seventeen book collection of inspirational short stories and vignettes beautifully presents the original poetic work of Rchelle Cyrus-Hughes.

Minds, souls and spirits are inspired and uplifted through these extraordinary gifts of literary expression. Beautifully illustrated poems, psalms and vignettes offer comfort and truth to people who want answers to life, love and loss. Lined journals for reflections, prayers and promises fulfilled make each book in this original collection an extraordinary keepsake to cherish always.

An Embroidered Love: There is nothing more extravagant than the love and relationship we have with Jesus. You can feel His touch and experience His comfort in all the many ways He expresses Himself to you… (Click image to purchase this book.)

Do You Ever Close Your Eyes, Lord?:There is nothing more extravagant than the love and relationship we have with Jesus. You can feel His touch and experience His comfort in all the many ways He expresses Himself to you…  (Click image to purchase this book.)

High Fashioned Models For Christ: Can a Christian be a model in this world? Absolutely! A Christian can be a model for modeling is what we do. Are you a young woman living a life that points to Jesus? Are you walking the walk and talking the talk? All eyes are watching and the spotlight is on you! You are a ‘covered girl’ – a Highly Fashioned Model for Christ…  (Click image to purchase this book.)

I See You: “Clouds descend over waters blue. A misty stance then bids adieu and I see you.” Few understand the pain one feels for a loved one who chooses to be absent from your life. Few understand the pain One feels for the prodigal…  (Click image to purchase this book.)

If The Sun Should Rise Without Me: One day, God will call you home. When that time comes, you will have to leave your loved ones behind. This beautiful and moving message lovingly reassures every Believer that when it is their time to go, they can rest assured that, until the day they will see them again in Heaven, their loved ones will be secured in the loving hands of God…  (Click image to purchase this book.)

Jesus, I Will Follow Only You: Following Jesus is the most rewarding and yet the most difficult journey you will ever endeavor in your life. It means leaving the broad road that leads to sin and traveling on the straight and narrow path that leads to God. Only a few true Believers will endure the course to the end… (Click image to purchase this book.)

Mommy Love: A mother’s imprint on her child is profound and everlasting. Through daily interactions that start long before birth, a mother makes an impact that no one else ever will or ever can. Mothers hold the key to what becomes our first standard of self, life and love. Of all the lessons we will learn in our lifetime, hers will be our first…  (Click image to purchase this book.)

Oceans: You are set to sail on the ocean of life tossed to and fro by the wind and the waves. Though the course is unsteady, the Lord equips you and prepares you to man the troubled waters. In the depths of dark uncertainty, it is the Light of Jesus that will make clear what is murky for buried below is hidden treasure and we must dive deep to seize it…  (Click image to purchase this book.)

Sin & Forgiveness: Sin in your life is like a dark and heavy cloud hovering over you. If you allow it to build, if you allow the cold rain to pour and the thunder to strike, a destructive storm grows heavy inside. Yet, there is a Light in the clearing that is drawing you near to shelter you. It is the Light that moves the darkness so that the Son can warm you and shine brightly upon you…  (Click image to purchase this book.)

The Author Of Life: Do you believe in God? There is evidence of Him all around you. If you dare to look closely, you will see the miracle of His fingerprints on everything on the Earth and in the universe. The Author of Life wants to draw you near to Him so that He may write His powerful word on your heart…  (Click image to purchase this book.)

The Eyes In The Skies: All parents of adult children miss their bedtime stories that were read at night, their “I love you” kisses and their hugs so tight. Nothing moves the heart of a parent like the childhood memories of days gone by. And nothing moves the hand of God like the dreams of a praying parent…  (Click image to purchase this book.)

The Father’s Call: Our God is our Holy God. Our God is our sovereign God. Our God is also our tender and loving Heavenly Father. It is oh so comforting to know that even when we fall, we can still hear His voice calling us back into His loving and restorative arms…  (Click image to purchase this book.)

The Mirror Of God: Take a look in the mirror. Tell me, what do you see? As you gaze at your image and pause for a stare, are you sure that your likeness is all you see there? Gaze into the Mirror of God and see what He sees when He sees you…  (Click image to purchase this book.)

The Promise, An Ode To Marriage: “And the two will become as one…” No other bond has been created to emulate the covenant that exists between Jesus and His Bride than the promise that joins a man and a woman as husband and wife…  (Click image to purchase this book.)

The Secret Place: Jesus is the lover of your soul. Where you meet Him is a beautiful, peaceful retreat; it’s a joyful safe haven. Hidden from the world, where there are no cares, a fragrant breeze blows gently there. As it runs its fingers through your hair, you rejoice in the Secret Place…  (Click image to purchase this book.)

When The Lord Calls Your Name: Listen… Do you hear Him? God is calling your name! Will you answer? The Bible tells us of all who answered the call from Job to the prophets and all the way through to the disciples of Jesus. Yes! You are called too…  (Click image to purchase this book.)

You’re Stretching Me, Oh Lord, My God: We’ve all been there… You desperately cry out to God because someone has caused you agony and pain. The weight of it all is unbearable. So what do you do? If you seek revenge or you ask God to spare you from the pain and the suffering that this life will bring, His answer is always the same…  (Click image to purchase this book.)

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